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Shame on Perkasa's Samseng!

Racism Umno's splinter-Perkasa members burning Namewee's images in front of the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, with a pig face?what the fuck?They criticising not only namewee himself,but all Malaysian Chinese as PIG!!
Good ehh?Thanks to all those racist,1 Malaysia got Harmony with PIG!!
And see who's this?The famous SMK Principal Siti Inshah,starring in Namewee's 'Nah!'video clip,asking for Chinese student "Balik China!!!"...but,her mom was Chinese origin...oh God
and the Racist Boss-Ibrahim 'Katak' Ali,brought his samseng & extremist ideology into school,brainwashing SMK's students
racist propaganda inside school?they think this is a playground or zoo for themselves?where's Dato Seri Najib?Ain't this a kind of Extremism?
de facto leader-Dr Mahathir,with all his racist konco-konco's,are ready to strike back,calling more 'Pendatangs' to 'Go Home'!Burning racial issues straight to your home!Where's BN's 1 Malaysia?Was Malaysia considered as a multi-racial & multi-cultural Malaysia?The PERKASA will say NO!!
'Malayness'in their heart,sexy and juicy flavour~~yeah!
and extra samseng like supporters!!
it reminds me about...THIS!
So,all Malaysian must fight for the real '1 Malaysia',fight with racism,let those racist down!
and this is the TRUTH!~once again,MALAYSIA BOLEH!
BANGSA MALAYSIA,OUR AIMING GOAL!Federal Constitution have our rights,no such thing as ketuanan,our tuan is our people,from different ethnic backgrounds.