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1 ugly motherf***ing racism Malaysia

 religious tolerance?No,maybe they failed the moral subject?

1Malaysia for every Malaysians huh?But some of them didn‘t said so,seems like we are not in same race & religion,we are pendatangs?
Racial samseng always blame the pembangkang for discriminating Islam,and how'bout themselves?

They said Malaysia is a democracy country,but why ISA still exist?It's useful for those extremist,to protect themselves & to arrest those who against them,whatever wrong or right!They always make it as a racial issue!

Crime In Progress huh?Not police!They are more interesting in violence & arresting the peaceful & alternative demonstrator,but make way to those extremist & bigots!Hurray!!
Bangsa Malaysia is a good idea,can we trust them?They are doing this as a propaganda with political ways,and yet,they denied pembangkang & blacken other ethnics as exploiters.
1 MALAYSIA=1 UMNO!!Not even MCA,MIC or others~~

 and yet,we interpreted 1 Malaysia wrongly,actually it's a anti multi-racial & culture manifesto,the one below it's the answer.Fellow Pendatangs,we are excluded  anyway!
 1 bullshit will always bullshit!
They named themselves as NGOs~maybe those KKKs done it too~?why not?
who cares about feeling of those MCA,MIC,blah blah blah??

They are 1,forever in 1!!Congrats!!

。。and it's totally true...good job!

Rakyat Malaysia,Bangsa Malaysia,don't make it just a propaganda,don't make us katak di bawah tempurung,anti racism & Malaysian needs to talk!Make a law against extremism,don't just laugh & act with 1 finger up,but ended up doing nothing!

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维雄 说...

F your mother racist.